Our Pastor

The Rev. Nick Lannon

Nick is a 2000 graduate of the University of Arizona and a 2007 graduate of Trinity School for Ministry, having studied Communications and Religious Studies while at Arizona and Systematic Theology and Ethics at Trinity.

Ordained in 2007, Nick has pastored churches in Jersey City, NJ; Denville, NJ; and Louisville, KY.

An avid movie-watcher, reader, former athlete and current couch potato, Nick is fascinated by the intersection of the Gospel and everyday life. He was called to pastor Grace Anglican Church in September, 2018. Nick and his wife Aya have three children: Hazel, Patrick, and Charlie.

Nick is author of Life is Impossible...and That's Good News, and co-author (with Tullian Tchividjian) of the devotional It is Finished: 365 Days of Good News. He is also co-host, with the Rev. Jady Koch (Rector of St. Luke's Anglican Church on Hilton Head Island, SC), and the Rev. Matt Kennedy (Rector of the Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd in Binghamton, NY) of The Stand Firm Podcast, which addresses the Gospel and social/cultural issues, Anglicanism, theology, and the biblical worldview. Much of his other writing, and an archive of his sermons, can be found at his website.

Our Team

Michael Neal, Director of Family Ministry

Michael is a 2009 graduate of Boyce College (BA) and a 2012 graduate of the University of Missouri-Saint Louis (MA), having studied Christian Worldview and Apologetics while at Boyce and Philosophy at UMSL. 

As Director of Family Ministry, Michael oversees ministry to children from birth through high school, including seeking to minister to them along with their families. His ministry includes the Sunday morning nursery, Sunday school, and Junior and Senior High formation and community events. Borrowing from Gerhard Forde, Michael’s philosophy of ministry can be summed up by one phrase: the only solution is absolution!

When he is not reading or listening to podcasts, Michael enjoys grappling (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) and daydreaming about starting a small, Joel Salatin-style farm. He and his wife Whitney have a daughter, Clara, a son, Thomas, and a baby on the way.

The Rev. Jacob Davis, Assisting Clergy for Pastoral Care

Jacob has a Bachelor of Arts in English from Reinhardt College (2006) and a Master of Arts in Theology & Arts from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (2010). At Grace Anglican, Jacob oversees the general care of parishioners by making home and hospital visits, maintaining regular contact via phone and email, and coordinating the parish's intercessory prayer ministry. He also assists in the ministry of Word and Table, occasionally preaching and celebrating Holy Communion. 

Jacob is editor of The Anglican Compass, an online ministry committed to helping the curious and new navigate the Anglican tradition with clarity and charity. 

Jacob can normally be found perusing Louisville’s creative and cultural scene and exploring the intersection of the arts, theology, liturgy, and spiritual formation. He enjoys writing and charcoal drawing in his spare time, as well as discovering great literature, art, film, theater, and music. He blogs at JacobDavis.com.

The Rev. Michael Nicholson, Deacon

Michael has a BS in Education from the University of Maryland, and a Master of Divinity and PH.D. in Theology from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. In a 25-year teaching career he has taught Middle School Industrial Arts, High School Biblical Studies and Apologetics, bachelor’s level theology for Simmons College of Kentucky, and graduate level Theology and Philosophy as an adjunct professor for The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author of Diploma Series Study Guide: Systematic Theology, with Daniel L. Akin (1998), A Theological Analysis and Critique of the Postmodernism Debate: Mapping the Labyrinth (Edwin Mellen Press, 1997), and “Abusing Wittgenstein: The Misuse of the Concept of Language Games in Contemporary Theology,” Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, no. 39 (December 1996).

Michael was ordained to the vocational diaconate in 2023. At Grace Anglican Michael serves mainly as a Bible teacher, though spends time in the ordinary diaconal role of connecting the parish to the world at large. His strongest desire is “to prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up … and become mature” (Eph. 4:12-13).

Michael has been married to his amazing wife Roberta for forty-three wonderful years. They have a daughter Elizabeth, a son-in-law Ronald, and four beautiful grandchildren, Trey, Elsie, Lilyana, and Adelaide.

Michael has no free time, but if he did, he would complete the half-finished wooden sailboat that he began building in his garage many years ago.

Aya Lannon, Director of Music

Aya is a 2003 graduate of the University of Arizona (B.A.) and a 2012 graduate of the SUNY College of Optometry (O.D.).

As Director of Music, Aya oversees the choir and music team, leading rehearsals, Sunday music, and selecting repertoire in coordination with the Rector to assist the church in its weekly worship. Aya has been playing the piano since the age of six, has been helping various churches and groups lead worship since she became a Christian at age 16, and can't think of any better use of her musical abilities than to lead fellow Christians in lifting their voices in praise to the Lord.

Aya is a full-time optometrist, practicing locally at VisionFirst in Louisville. She enjoys cooking (and eating) interesting things, cheering for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and dreaming of a remodeled kitchen. She is married to Nick (see above) and mother to Hazel, Patrick, and Charlie...who mostly want to eat boring things. 

Tiffany Childs, Director of Women's Ministry

Tiffany is most simply a woman loved by God, which is amazing first and most especially to her. Her love of theology and studying God’s Word was ignited as a young adult while her husband attended Bible College and Seminary, as the Lord also offered her mentors that taught her to read and learn. She loves imagining what it would have been like to have traveled the Emmaus road with Jesus and prays, as she teaches the Word of God, that He is interpreted in "all the Scriptures the things concerning himself”. She leads Bible and book studies in the fall and spring at Grace Anglican. 

She is the wife of Micah and mother to Andrew, Elijah, Isaac, Eliana, Isabella, and Talitha and is a full-time homemaker. In her free time, there are few things she enjoys more than engaging an empty page or blank canvas accompanied by a strong cup of coffee and good music. 

Tiffany sometimes blogs at tiffchilds.com and is the author of Of Souls and Snowflakes, an Adoption Story.

Our Vestry

The vestry is a council of advisors to the pastor. Vestry members are elected by the congregation to three-year terms at the parish's annual meeting each October.

  • John Fidler, Treasurer (2024)

  • John Sweeney, Senior Warden (2024)

  • Jeff Skinner, Junior Warden (2025)

  • Roberta Nicholson (2025)

  • Mark Compton (2026)

  • Marcia Harlow (2026)

  • Allison Pique (2026)

  • Gary Weitkamp, Chancellor (ex officio)