Mission Partners

Just before Jesus ascended into heaven for the last time, he left his disciples missional instructions. He said, "you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth" (Acts 1:8). Many churches, since that time, have taken Jesus' words as a missional framework, seeking to work locally, nationally, and internationally. Grace Anglican Church has done the same, seeking to partner in mission to reach people with the Good News of Jesus Christ in Louisville, in the United States, and outside of our own country. See below to learn more about our missions partnerships.

Note: all of these partnerships are just beginning (and a national partnership doesn't exist yet), and are therefore liable to be clarified over time. Please watch this space for updates.

Local: Refuge International Louisville

In Louisville, we have partnered with Refuge International, an organization that seeks to "glorify God by partnering with local churches to love refugees and immigrants." Refuge says of themselves (on their website): "We are intentionally focused on cultivating long-term relationships by making ourselves as accessible as possible to refugee and immigrant communities. We pursue our vision through three main initiatives: (1) operating a Welcome Center embedded in an ethnically diverse neighborhood, (2) coordinating Welcome Family Teams to introduce local churches into the lives of refugees and immigrants, and (3) hosting various medical/dental/sports clinics and events that serve as relational connection points for local churches and internationals."

After completing the Refuge International volunteer orientation (a 2-hour training offered every several weeks) and a background check, members of Grace Anglican Church can minister to refugees in many ways, including:

1. Language specific Bible studies
2. English mentoring
3. Welcome teams
4. Employment connections
5. Social events/Kitchen trainings/other one-off opportunities
6. Louisville United Soccer Tournament
7. Pray 

Email the church at info@graceanglicanlou.com for more information and details about how to get involved.

To hear Matt Mihelic, Refuge International's Louisville Site Director, speak to Grace Church about Refuge and their ministry, click HERE.

Current work:

Currently, a Grace Anglican Welcome Team is paired with a Syrian Muslim refugee family. Please pray both for this family and for our Welcome Team as they seek to minister to them. The family consists of a father and mother and four children. The father speaks very little English while the mother and children are close to fluent. They've been in the United States for almost two years, but still need lots of help integrating. 

Current specific prayer requests:

1. For both the team and the family as they begin these brand-new relationships.
2. For both the team and the family as they bring two different cultures together.
3. For opportunities to lovingly present the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
4. For the younger daughter, who is having to switch schools because of some religious-based harassment.
5. For the father, who in unemployed, to find fulfilling and financially rewarding work. 


Please pray for Grace Anglican as we discern God's calling toward a national mission partnership.

International: Friends of Gahini

The Diocese of Christ our Hope (the Diocese in which Grace Church resides) has a long-standing relationship with the Anglican Church of Rwanda. Many of our churches received their first pastoral care and oversight from Rwandan bishops. Now, Grace Church is partnering with an organization called Friends of Gahini to strengthen the witness and outreach of the Rwandan church to its own people. Friends of Gahini is a 501(c)3 corporation in the United States which will be made up of six churches around the world, each partnered with an archdeaconry in the Diocese of Gahini. This partnership will be relationally-driven and Gospel-centered, and will work toward sustainability in the Diocese of Gahini. Moucecore, an NGO (non-governmental organization) in Rwanda provides logistical support for the relationships between member churches and the archdeaconries. 

Each year, a group from Grace Anglican will travel to Gahini to engage in cooperative mission with our partner archdeaconry. This trip will occur concurrently with trips by the other five churches involved in Friends of Gahini, so we will not only be serving Rwandan churches, but we will be building relationships with other Anglicans from around the world. This concurrence will also allow members of Grace Anglican to connect with mission teams from other churches whose missions more closely dovetail with their personal giftings. Some planned outcomes of this missional partnership are: 

1. We help the Diocese build some systems towards long-term sustainability.
2. Each archdeaconry and their parishes will grow.
3. We will see more people come to Christ and grow in Christ.
4. We will see an exchange – some people from Gahini diocese will come to our churches and stay and worship with us and fellowship with us. 

Email the church at info@graceanglicanlou.com for more information and details about how to get involved.