Jesus promised his followers that if they were burdened, they could come to him for rest. He assured them that his yoke was easy and his burden light. These words—found in the Bible in Matthew 11—might seem quite foreign to you. Life is hard enough...and isn’t following Jesus just more hard work? Don’t you always have to watch what you’re saying and doing, being careful to set a good example for others? Didn’t Jesus ask us to do hard things like loving our enemies? Isn’t that a heavy burden?

Well, yes. But there is Good News: Jesus actually gives what he asks for. The Good News about Jesus is that he already bore the hard yoke and the heavy burden, and he did it for you. His accomplishments are yours, for free. So if your life is heavy, or you’re overwhelmed, or you’re exhausted, come to Grace. We carry burdens too, but we’re coming together to build a joyful new place where we can hear about (and tell others about) Jesus, the one in whom we find rest and peace. 

The Rev. Nick Lannon

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