Routes to Refuge (Campaign begins)
All Parish

May 20, 2024 at 12:00 pm

Map it!

“Routes to Refuge” is a refugee awareness campaign in which participants express solidarity with refugees by figuratively walking a few miles in their shoes. Participants do this:

1. by registering: $25 virtual event only; $35 virtual event + T-shirt

2. by selecting the routes they would like to complete, whether Somalian, Sudanese, or Palestinian

3. by completing the corresponding daily distance over a thirty-day period from May 20-June22

4. by sharing your experience with others in your online community–and for those that live in Louisville

5. by gathering at Kenwood Elementary on June 22 to walk the last mile and celebrate World Refugee day with food and games and music and dancing!

Last year, we actually won! Let’s do it again! SIGN UP HERE, and make sure to join the Grace Anglican Team!