Youth Ministries

Fellowship: The youth of Grace Anglican (7th through 12th grades) meet regularly for fellowship and fun. In the past, we've gone as a group to Main Event or had a pool/movie/pizza party. Watch this space, or check out the Events page for updates about the next youth event. 

Sunday Morning Formation: On Sunday mornings after church (during the school year), youth are invited and encouraged to attend our Formation offerings. These offerings have been carefully tailored to appeal and be accessible to both adults and youth.

Wednesday Youth Group: The Grace Anglican Youth Group meets weekly, on Wednesday evenings at 7pm, at the home of Gary and Toni Weitkamp. 

Wednesday Youth Group meetings are on hiatus for the summer. We will have some social events during May, June, and July, and we'll get back to our regular weekly meetings in the Fall.

Arrival Instructions: Enter through the back, basement door. If weather permits, we will meet outside on the patio. If you drive, you may park in the driveway but you should pull forward to make room for others. 

 Refreshments: Snacks will be provided at each meeting. If you have any allergies that require you to avoid certain foods and drinks, please let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate you. 

Please email Michael Neal for more details and directions.

Our Curriculum: Under the direction of Director of Family Ministry Michael Neal, the youth group studies Grace Anglican's own student curriculum: To Be a Disciple: Foundations of the Christian Life. To Be a Disciple is a six year comprehensive curriculum (7th-12 grades) that introduces students to and teaches them about topics such as:

  • God's Existence and the Problem of Evil
  • The History of the Church
  • Jesus Among Other Gods
  • Anglican Identity
  • How to the Read the Bible
  • Justice and Social Justice
  • and more...

The goal of the To Be a Disciple curriculum is to form students to know who God is, what he has said, and who they are in light of his word. In other words, students will learn what biblically faithful Christianity is, why it is truthful and trustworthy, and how Jesus impacts their lives. They will also be prepared, as disciples of Christ, to go out into the world secure in the truth of God's Word and the Good News about Jesus Christ, able to give a ready defense of the faith they have within them (1 Peter 3:15).