Men's Ministries

Fellowship Events

The men of Grace Anglican get together regularly for fellowship events. In the past, we've enjoyed events like a trip to a private gun range for a day of sporting clays and an all-you-can eat steak dinner at Brazeiros Authentic Brazilian Steakhouse. Come hang out with us! Keep your eye on the Events page for future events.

Men's Study Group 

Led by one of a group of gifted teachers, the Men's Study Group meets seasonally for Bible study or other formation.

Spring 2021: This Spring, the men of Grace Church, under the leadership of Dr. Michael Nicholson, are continuing their study of the book of Revelation. This study will take place at 7pm on Sunday evenings at Robbie Brown's home, 6005 Springhouse Farm Lane, Louisville, KY, 40222. This class will be broadcast on Zoom (see link below) for those who cannot, due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns, attend in person. 

Weekly Zoom link: (Meeting ID: 881 2901 6079)

NOTE: There will be no Men’s Study Group on January 17th.

The book of Revelation is famously one of the most difficult and controversial books of the Bible. It depicts strange supernatural scenes inhabited by angels, bizarre beasts, and demonic creatures. Everyone knows it has something to do with the end of the world, which many find dismaying. But what Revelation meant to its original author and readers, and how it applies to us today, seems difficult to grasp. Yet understanding and taking to heart “the words of this prophecy” (Rev. 1:3) is meant to provide the “blessing” of encouragement to the Church and faithful believers in a world of trouble and turmoil. 

Through a series of startling visions, the apostle John received a “revelation of Jesus Christ” which shows him, and us, how human history will unfold in the redemption of believers, the judgment of the world, and the final triumph of Jesus Christ. “Apocalypse” –the book’s title in the original Greek—means an unveiling or disclosure of what was hidden and concealed. Revelation pulls back the curtain of everyday experience to show us the deeper reality of human history and the coming kingdom of heaven. 

Join the men of Grace as we seek to understand this profound and timely book.