Men's Ministries

Fellowship Events

The men of Grace Anglican get together regularly for fellowship events. In the past, we've enjoyed events like a trip to a private gun range for a day of sporting clays and an all-you-can eat steak dinner at Brazeiros Authentic Brazilian Steakhouse. Come hang out with us! Keep your eye on the Events page for future events.

Men's Bible Study 

Led by one of a group of gifted teachers, the Men's Study Group meets seasonally for Bible study. 

Fall 2021: Romans with Dr. Michael Nicholson

The apostle Paul’s letter to the Romans is the most influential piece of personal correspondence ever written. Nowhere else does Paul—the converted Jew and evangelist to the Gentiles—lay out so clearly and completely the necessity, meaning, and unfolding of our salvation in Jesus Christ. He reveals the significance and reality bound up in those “religious” words we all know and that often perplex us: righteousness, sin, faith, justification, grace, judgment, predestination, law and gospel. He wrestles with the tensions between God’s mercy and judgment, faith and works, Spirit and flesh, justification and sanctification. He shows us, in all its glory and grace, how “the the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes” (Rom. 1:16). We hope you will join the Men’s Bible study this Fall as we explore this foundational document of our faith, a document that formed the Church, sparked the Reformation, and that still has the power today to mold us to the mind of Christ. 

The Men’s Bible study meets at the home of Michael and Roberta Nicholson (4623 Fox Run Rd Louisville, KY 40207) on Sunday evenings at 7pm.

Note: the Men’s Bible study is on hiatus for the holidays until January 23.