Men's Ministries

Fellowship Events

The men of Grace Anglican get together regularly for fellowship events. Our most recent outing was a trip to a private gun range for a day of sporting clays. Keep your eye on the Events page for future events.

Men's Reading Group

Led by Kevin Regal, the men of Grace Church will be reading J.C. Ryle's seminal work, Knots Untied, together. This group will meet on Sunday evenings at 7:00pm at the home of Euan and Sarah Murray. Email the church at for address and directions. Buy the book HERE.

Knots Untied is J.C. Ryle's leading work in defense of the evangelicalism of the Church of England (from which our denomination, the ACNA, came). When first published in 1874 it proved immensely popular, and by 1885 it was reprinted in a tenth edition. Knots Untied is a classic volume in which Ryle covers the then-current disputes about various points of religion within the Church of England, advocating and defending the evangelical position at every turn. Knots Untied is unashamedly written from the 'standpoint of an Evangelical Churchman'. Ryle's presentation of the evangelical position is simply outstanding, not because it differs substantially from what other evangelicals might say, but because, according to J. I. Packer, he sets it forth so clearly, so brilliantly, and so compellingly.