Formation is one of Grace Church's core values. We want to form disciples, and, in fact, expect the Holy Spirit to do just that.

The Sunday morning worship service is the primary way in which we are formed as disciples. Each week, we come before a holy God, sing his praises, confess our sins, read the Bible, hear the Good News about Jesus Christ, and celebrate God's forgiveness of our sins in Holy Communion, eating bread and drinking wine that symbolize Jesus' body and blood, broken and shed for us. God promised us that his Word would accomplish his purposes (Isaiah 55), and our worship in Word and Table is a major way in which we are conformed to his image.

We don't stop there, though. Scroll down and click links for more information about further formation opportunities.

  • Sunday Morning Formation (including the Spring-only Exploration Class). Sunday Morning Formation is everything we do at church on Sunday morning after worship is over. During the Fall semester (usually September to December) there is an adult Bible study in Cooke Hall (open to and intended for anyone in the 7th grade or older) and Children's Sunday school in the Music & Art building (open to and intended for anyone in Kindergarten through 6th grade). In the Spring (usually from January to May, with a break for Spring Break and Holy Week), those two options continue, with an additional offering added: Pastor Nick teaches his annual Exploration Class, which is for prospective members, those who want to learn about Grace Church or Anglicanism, or those seeking confirmation or reception. Click HERE for more detail and to learn about current offerings.
  • Bible Studies (including Men's- and Women's-specific studies). We love studying God's Word. Normally, there are at least three Bible studies happening at any one time: the Adult formation Bible Study in Cooke Hall on Sunday morning, a men's Bible study, and a women's Bible study. There are sometimes other Bible study opportunities; click HERE for more detail and to learn about current offerings.
  • Youth Ministries. Meeting on Wednesday evenings under the direction of Director of Family Ministry Michael Neal, the youth group studies Grace Anglican's own student curriculum: To Be a Disciple: Foundations of the Christian Life. To Be a Disciple is a six year comprehensive curriculum (7th-12 grades) that introduces students to and teaches them about topics such as:
    • God's Existence and the Problem of Evil
    • The History of the Church
    • Jesus Among Other Gods
    • Anglican Identity
    • How to the Read the Bible
    • Justice and Social Justice
    • and more.
    The goal of the To Be a Disciple curriculum is to form students to know who God is, what he has said, and who they are in light of his word. In other words, students will learn what biblically faithful Christianity is, why it is truthful and trustworthy, and how Jesus impacts their lives. They will also be prepared, as disciples of Christ, to go out into the world secure in the truth of God's Word and the Good News about Jesus Christ, able to give a ready defense of the faith they have within them (1 Peter 3:15). Click HERE for more detail.
  • Evening Prayer Groups. Anglicans have prayed together for centuries. Our Book of Common Prayer outlines a service for daily Morning, Midday, and Evening Prayer, with assigned daily office readings. Grace Anglican's Evening Prayer groups are an opportunity to meet together to read Scripture and pray during the week, outside of the weekly Sunday worship service. These groups are simple, small, and short. Click HERE for more detail and current availability.

Click the buttons below for an archive of audio recordings of Grace Church's Formation offerings or for past talks at Grace Church's annual Fall Retreat.

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