Evening Prayer Groups

Anglicans have prayed together for centuries. Our Book of Common Prayer outlines a service for daily Morning, Midday, and Evening Prayer, with assigned daily office readings. Grace Anglican's Evening Prayer groups are an opportunity to meet together to read Scripture and pray during the week, outside of the weekly Sunday worship service. These groups are simple, small, and short. There are two basic components:

  1. Scripture: We worship a God who has spoken to us. He has revealed himself to us in the Scriptures, and we do well to read and meditate on his Word regularly. God himself promised us that his Word would not return to him empty, but would accomplish his purposes (Isaiah 55:10-11). Evening Prayer assigns a set of readings for the day and a liturgy around them. Grace's Evening Prayer groups listen to Scripture read, trusting that God will be at work in it, shaping us into the disciples we are called to be.
  2. Prayer: We worship a God who invites us to come to him in prayer. He promises that whenever two or three are gathered together, he will be in the midst of them (Matthew 18:20). Grace's Evening Prayer groups pray through the provided liturgy, and then share prayer requests within the group and pray for each other. This prayer time is not a time of advice-giving, but is instead a time of reliance on the Lord's faithfulness.

Evening Prayer groups are open; attend when you can, whichever group works for your schedule that week. Note: as groups grow and/or more people want to participate in this ministry, more groups will be added. Watch this space for an up-to-date list.

As our liturgy often reminds us: let us pray.

Evening Prayer groups:

  1. Mondays at 6pm led by Mark Compton is meeting in person. Contact Mark for directions. 
  2. Thursdays at 6:30pm led by Bryan and Samantha Lilly. This group meets in person in the home of Jason and Rebekah Borah. Contact Bryan for information about how to get connected.
  3. 1st and 3rd Thursdays at 3pm led by David and Bobbie Welsh is currently not meeting. Contact them at 502-896-9689 for the latest information.