Bible Studies

There is no better way to be formed as a disciple or to growth in your faith than by studying God's Word. At Grace, we are committed to studying the Bible! Below are our current Bible studies. If you're looking for past studies, check out our Formation Class Archive, a full listing of all our recorded class audio.

The Wisdom Literature - led by Dr. Michael Nicholson

When: Sunday mornings, 11am (on hiatus for summer)
Where: Cooke Hall
Who: Open to all in 7th grade and older

NOTE: This class is on hiatus for the summer. Watch this space for Fall start date.

This Spring and then again in the Fall we will be studying and reflecting on the wisdom literature of the Old Testament. The books of wisdom—Proverbs, Job, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs—are among the more neglected books of the Bible, especially at the congregational level. Two of them—Job and Ecclesiastes—are the most perplexing and difficult books of the Bible. Proverbs is often taken as little more than holy self-help advice. And while Song of Songs is quite intriguing, most preachers and teachers don’t quite know what to do with Spirit-inspired Scripture that celebrates romance, intimacy, and sex. But the Bible’s wisdom books are important because they teach us how to live in the real world. Not the “world” of mass media, militant secularism, or pop culture, but the world as God created it. This world is a creation that God invested with his own beauty, harmony, and purity. Yet, it is also a world that is fallen, in which men and women and history and sometimes nature do not work in accord with the way things ought to be and were originally meant to be (and someday will be again). Wisdom takes all of this into account and shows us how we might put our feet on the path that leads us in the direction of that original beauty, harmony, and purity, even though, in this lifetime, we may only partially realize and embrace them. This class will meet in the Cooke Hall worship space (for the campus map, see the diagram on the "What to Expect" page). 

The Book of the Prophet Isaiah - led by Tiffany Childs

When: Wednesdays, 7pm (on hiatus for the summer)
Where: Cooke Hall, Zoom
Who: Open to women 18 and older

NOTE: This class is currently on hiatus for the summer. Watch this space for Fall start date.

The Women's Bible Study is currently studying the book of the prophet Isaiah. Isaiah is widely considered the deepest, richest, and most theologically significant book in the Old Testament. It is, without question, a profound statement by God about his own sovereignty and majesty spoken through his chosen spokesman, the prophet Isaiah. Using the accessible commentary by Raymond C. Ortlund Jr. as their main resource, the women of Grace will see the single vision of God throughout all sixty-six chapters of this great book. It is a unified, woven whole that ultimately shows that God saves sinners. He saves them from their own self-invented salvations, so that they can walk in the light of his love.

The Women's Bible Study meets at 7pm on Wednesday evenings in Cooke Hall at Highlands Latin School (see the "What to Expect" page for an HLS campus map). The school's address is 10901 Shelbyville Rd. Join the ladies of Grace as they hear God's word and learn about his love together.  Please email Tiffany for more details.

Zoom: If you desire to join the Bible study on Zoom, here are the details:

Meeting ID: 844 7435 2648

The Men's Bible Study - led by Dr. Michael Nicholson

When: Sundays, 7pm (on hiatus for summer)
Where: The Nicholson Home (4623 Fox Run Rd Louisville, KY 40207), Zoom
Who: Open to men 18 and older

NOTE: This class is on hiatus for the summer. Watch this space for Fall start date.

The men of Grace Church recently wrapped up a Bible study of the apostle Paul’s letter to the Romans. Watch this space for the topic for Fall 2022.