Location Change

Grace Anglican Church is moving! 

 After a lot of thought and prayer, the vestry and I have decided that it’s time to change our Sunday worship location! Starting on October 24th, we’ll be in Cooke Hall at Highlands Latin School (Spring Meadows): 10901 Shelbyville Road

Since no move like this is completely without stress (I’m thinking especially of our South End and New Albany members, for whom this will be a few minutes further), I want to share with you—as I did on Sunday—the three main reasons we felt like this was the right move for us: 

1) Mission alignment. Highlands Latin School is an explicitly Christian school. Even though we’ve not had any issues with Walden (which has been very gracious to us for almost two years), a Christian school is all the more likely to work with us as we strive to minister in the way in which God calls us. 

2) On-site storage. The trailer will be a thing of the past! It will be an amazing blessing to store everything in the same building in which we have church. Some set-up and tear-down will still be required, but those many volunteers will get a much-deserved break. We will also have preschool/toddler nursery space reserved exclusively for our use, so that area will not require weekly set-up or tear-down. Sunday mornings will be a lot easier for a lot of people. 

3) It feels more like a church. The room is still technically a cafeteria, but it’s much nicer. It has carpeting, wooden wainscoting, and chandeliers. The entry and restrooms are at the back, so people can come in and go out without being visible to everyone. We can have a procession! It’s a much more aesthetically appealing place. 

There are other improvements—and other little differences—that we’ll get used to over time; please pray for us as we make this transition. Let’s be patient and gracious with each other. There will surely be bumps in the road, but we’re flexible! We’ll worship our savior just the same. If you have any questions, please talk with me or with a member of the vestry. In the meantime, I can’t wait to worship with you at Walden one last time on Sunday!

Pastor Nick