2021 Fall Retreat All Parish

Date October 29, 2021
Time 6:00 pm
Location Silver Heights Camp
501 Camp Ave.
New Albany, IN 47150

2021 Fall Retreat: Failing Your Way to Glory: Good News for the Weary

Featuring: Matt and Anne Kennedy

Life is full of striving. Striving to live up to our own hopes and dreams, striving to meet the expectations of others, and striving to embody the high calling that God has on our lives. Striving as hard as we do leads to exhaustion and defeat. But that is when the Gospel of Jesus sounds its sweetest. With their trademark incisiveness, wisdom, and wit, 2021 Fall Retreat speakers Matt and Anne Kennedy will look at the whole scope of striving (and losing) in life—from the pages of the Old and New Testaments to the pages of tabloid magazines—and help us see God's provision for those who come up short. Indeed, we will see that there is Good News, even for losers. There is rejuvenation for the weary. Even resurrection for the dead. The saving grace of Jesus Christ is poured out on those who fail to measure up and ultimately, in fact, creates the very life we've been striving to live all along.

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